Fixing 4 Facility Management Leaks

How addressing these practices can produce significant cost savings.

Fixing 4 Facility Management Leaks White Paper

While you’re busy with the hustle and bustle of your daily grind, and focused on quickly completing work orders to keep your facilities up-and-running, it’s easy to see how oversight and efficiencies with your operations can start to slip.

Corrigo’s EVP of Strategy, Jack Watkinson, has identified 4 common FM leaks that pester facility managers and plague operations. These problems will drain your budgets, but the good news is they are fixable. And with the right preventative maintenance and corrective strategies, you can boost your bottom line.

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  • How to optimize your FM operations and processes
  • How to tap into current technology to maximize the value of your facilities
  • How to keep your operations running smoothly in a sea of change
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