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Corrigo Assure is our vendor screening, insurance tracking, and vendor gap insurance solution - all seamlessly integrated within the Corrigo platform.

Corrigo Assure simplifies a complicated, painful process; reduces your business risk; provides unique intelligence about your operations and risk profile; and enables your vendors to differentiate themselves within the Corrigo platform to perform more work.

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No. You have the flexibility to determine which of your connected vendors are invited to join the Corrigo Assure program.


You need to be using Corrigo Enterprise and be connected to your vendors via Corrigo. Your vendors need to be using CorrigoPro. You'll then work with a Corrigo Assure specialist to: define your vendor insurance requirements (including additional insured details), define which vendors you want included in Corrigo Assure, define some workflow-related options, and make some minor configurations in Corrigo Enterprise to support Corrigo Assure.

They will receive a notification to enroll in Corrigo Assure within CorrigoPro as well as an email notification invite. Via the enrollment process in CorrigoPro, they will upload a current version of their W-9, upload their insurance documents (not COIs) based on your requirements, and agree to the terms & conditions of the program.

Data security at Corrigo is the highest priority.

Corrigo Assure data is stored in highly durable storage infrastructure designed for mission-critical and primary data storage applications. Screening and insurance results are redundantly stored in Microsoft SQL Server databases and multiple devices across multiple facilities in an Amazon S3 Region.

Corrigo Assure data is protected by blockchain. All screening and insurance tracking records on a blockchain are secured and linked through cryptography and by design are immutable and tamper-proof.

Currently, Corrigo Assure is only available in the United States.

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Using each vendor's W-9, Corrigo Assure automatically screens for any exceptions with the following:
  1. The vendor's TIN is compared to IRS records using the IRS TIN match service to validate against company name.
  2. OSHA safety violations in the last 5 years from the OSHA database.
  3. Bankruptcies or bankruptcy cases in the last 5 years from the PACER database.
  4. Terrorism, narcotics, or other disreputable activities sanctions from the OFAC database with the U.S. Department of Treasury.
Screening results are updated regularly as follows:
  1. TIN match – updated every 6 months
  2. OSHA safety violations – updated monthly
  3. Bankruptcy – updated every 6 months
  4. Terrorism / Narcotics / Disreputable Activities - updated monthly

Vendor screening results are available on the Corrigo Assure dashboard within Corrigo Enterprise.

If a vendor fails a screening, you and your vendor will both receive an alert, and your Corrigo Assure dashboard will indicate the failed screening. You and your vendor will both have access to the details of the failed screening from the screening source.

Yes. Vendors have access to the results of their screenings via the Corrigo Assure tile in CorrigoPro.

Yes. You have a workflow option to stop sending work orders to vendors who fail any screening.

Yes. The Corrigo Assure dashboard allows for manual overrides.

You define the insurance requirements for your vendors, who will be presented with this information when they enroll in Corrigo Assure. Your vendors upload the insurance policy documents (including declarations, policy forms, and endorsements) to demonstrate compliance. These documents are reviewed and tracked by a 3rd-party insurance company with industry-leading insurance tracking expertise. Insurance tracking results are updated daily for each of your vendors in the Corrigo Assure dashboard.

For General Liability, Commercial Auto, and Crime insurance lines (which utilize the additional insured concept): Vendors will be required to add Corrigo as an additional insured with language stating the policies may not be canceled, modified, or amended without at least 30 days prior written notice to Corrigo. This enables Corrigo to be notified of changes to the policy. Corrigo guarantees the tracking results for these insurance lines. This requirement is for the purpose of notification and does not increase any legal or financial risk to your vendors.

For Workers Compensation, Umbrella, and other types of insurance requirements (that do not utilize an additional insured concept): Vendors will upload their policy documents. These policy documents will be reviewed and tracked against your requirements at original submission and at each renewal date going forward.

All common types of insurance can be tracked via Corrigo Assure including: General Liability, Umbrella, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation, Crime, etc. If you require more specialized insurance lines for your vendors, we will discuss tracking those during the setup process.

Yes. Corrigo Assure has a group function that allows different insurance requirements be applied to different groups of vendors.

Vendor insurance tracking information is provided on the Corrigo Assure dashboard.

Yes. CorrigoPro notifies vendors 45 days prior to policy expiration dates and reminds them to upload renewed policy documents.

Please contact Corrigo if you want to add or remove vendors from the Corrigo Assure program. You can email or call 404-596-4469.

Please contact Corrigo if you want to discontinue using the Corrigo Assure program. You can email or call 404-596-4469

Once your vendors enroll in Corrigo Assure, you no longer need to maintain paper copies of their COIs.

Once your vendors enroll in Corrigo Assure, all their insurance policy documents and enrollments will be readily accessible via Corrigo Assure.

Yes, your vendors can contact CorrigoPro support for any Corrigo Assure questions. CorrigoPro support is available by calling 800-517-2629 or emailing

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