To heal... it's even part of our name

We are here to help, it is what we do, day in and day out. It’s fundamental to us since corrigo is a Latin word meaning to set right, to make improvements or to heal. We help clients improve their operations with intelligent facilities management. Now, we’re also helping address hunger in our own communities, since 37 million Americans face hunger annually, including more than 11 million children. With our new Corrigo Cares program, launched in partnership with Feeding America, we can also help provide healing and support to our neighbors and communities.

In Corrigo Care’s first year, we will donate more than 1 million meals via Feeding America – the largest hunger relief organization in the United States – which operates a nationwide network of 200 local food banks that serve every county in the United States. Whether it is supporting our customers or community, to help, to heal, to improve is core to Corrigo.

How Corrigo shows it cares

In 2019, we launched Corrigo Cares. For every three work orders in the United States sent over the Corrigo platform, Corrigo Cares will donate one meal to Feeding America. It’s a way that our community can support all communities.



How to show you care

With 1 in 8 people in America facing hunger, we can all show we care.

Make your donation count

By donating to Feeding America, one dollar provides 10 meals. Your contribution can ensure that the more than five million people served by Feeding America each week receive nourishment and support.

Volunteer to help your community

The Feeding America network sources 1.3 billion pounds of produce and fresh fruits and vegetables each year.  Feeding America’s network of 200 food banks could use your help sorting, organizing and facilitating the distribution of the 4.2 billion meals it provides each year.

Learn about our Partner

Feeding America’s mission is to feed America’s hungry and engage the country in the fight to end hunger. Learn more about their work and impact.

Feeding America

Hear Alex’s Story

Hear how a high schooler with a love of math inspired our Corrigo Cares program, and is also one of the 22 million children receiving free or reduced-price school lunches.

It’s not just donations…see how our employees support Corrigo Cares and Feeding America.

Corrigo has four offices nationwide, and multiple remote employees. Their volunteer time supports Feeding America food banks coast-to-coast.