The COI does not CYA

Facility Managers know that even the best vendors can't always deliver perfect work. But when something *really* goes wrong, property is destroyed or injuries occur, then what? How can you know you're covered? 

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Get Real Proof of Insurance

Most certificates of insurance (COI) are invalid and lack the required coverage. And most businesses are flying blind, only to learn coverage was nonexistent or misrepresented, leaving them exposed to unplanned costs and ligation. With Corrigo Assure, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your service providers are insured. Assure is also much easier to manage than what you're doing today! 

COIs are not insurance.

"We have thousands and thousands of [COIs] that get mailed in... and they go into a file folder. And, no, we don't know if they're valid. It's just smoke and mirrors."

— Senior Manager, Real Estate Services, for a national retailer

COIs do
not work

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A COI does not mean your vendor has insurance




A COI does not mean your vendor’s policy insures you




A study found 90% of COIs contained material misrepresentations

"The Corrigo Assure solution is sound from an insurance standpoint. The misconception that COIs provide coverage is one we are constantly battling with clients. Corrigo Assure’s solution is correct."

The Solution: Corrigo Assure

Our revolutionary offering fixes the industry-wide COI problem.

The idea is simple – you’ll know on a daily basis that your vendor’s insurance policies (not COIs) are valid and meet your coverage expectations. And you won’t need a team of lawyers, insurance agents, or magic unicorns to figure it out. Plus, Corrigo Assure provides a groundbreaking per work order gap insurance solution in case a vendor needs it.  The bottom line – rest easy with Corrigo Assure, because you’ll only work with vetted vendors with the right insurance coverage.

Exactly what you've been waiting for.

"Actually having a real platform that's going to validate daily, that this insurance is actually valid... is brilliant."

— Senior Manager, Real Estate Services, for a national retailer